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Works In Progress / Re: Anyone wanting to build an AH64 Apache
« Last post by Ryan K on Thu 05/26/22 12:16 PM »
I have the Academy 1/72 AH-64A almost completed and 1/48 Hasegawa A with TwoBobs Steeler decals.

For the newest airframe E model 1/48

1/72 E option

Look forward to seeing what you are doing.

Works In Progress / Anyone wanting to build an AH64 Apache
« Last post by Anthony Leger on Thu 05/26/22 08:49 AM »
After our recent speaker I was motivated to look at my Apache stash. I suspect others were equally motivated from the insights gained. What a menacing looking aircraft and one that has had quite an impact. I still recall when I first moved to NC 20+ years ago seeing one fly overhead for the first time.

Anyone else planning to build an Apache?

I have the Monogram AH-64A, the Hasegawa AH-64A & D, though the D is slated for an Israeli conversion. The Hasegawa kit is quite nice. The venerable Monogram kit looks good though simpler and with some updating/detailing would look pretty nice. To be expected, there are some great references online for Monogram or Hasegawa enhancements. I'll use them as I start a Monogram build and do the Hasegawa one at a later date. While I'd love to have the newest AH-64E with the exhaust upward facing exhaust scoops, that will have to wait. A new kit purchase is not desirable and research shows to convert an A to an E would not be practical.  Stay tuned I'll post some progress pictures soon.

Posting for a friend: He has a Heller/IMAI 1/100 HMS Victory and "Anatomy of the Ship" book on the Victory for sale. $125 gets both, or negotiable if you want to offer. Note that the book is a good 1980's printing with clear drawings for all of the rigging, etc.

Note that a couple of the sails are damaged, but builders of these models typically don't build with sails attached.

See attached photos.

Thank you,

Lee Griffin
Works In Progress / Re: Eagle Squadron 2022 Out of box build
« Last post by Ryan K on Mon 05/16/22 10:18 AM »
Completed Bulgarian R35.

Works In Progress / Re: Reha Uzsoy OOB progress
« Last post by RehaU on Mon 05/02/22 10:08 PM »
However, problems started with the exterior; I decided to use Mission Valley Flight Deck Blue, and this didn't play nicely with oily fingers; and I messed up a couple of the clear parts. I am in the process of decaling, but this model will be like the Duke of Wellington; very handsome as long as you only look from one side. Well, live and learn...
Works In Progress / Re: Reha Uzsoy OOB Starting photo
« Last post by RehaU on Mon 05/02/22 10:05 PM »
Well, this one started well, and has been a struggle in the late stages. I got the interior reasonably well together, per the photos...
I agree with Ryan.  I can't imagine the roaring of terrible roars and gnashing of terrible teeth as this new definition of the category gets rolled out.
Reading the whole thread, I agree that either OOB or BKB should be thrown out all together. All the angst for just 11% of entries and according to the data posted you can still place with a OOB build.
Something we as a club will need to discuss before we sponsor another contest is the IPMS-USA evolution of the Out of Box (OOB) to Basic Kit Build (BKB). This is a significant change from the existing OOB, with lots of questions sure to arise.

The objective of the BKB is to get back to a "what's-in-the-box" approach. From the IPMS-USA rules:

Redefining/Renaming Out-of-the Box (OOB): Manufacturers now offer
comprehensive model kits which include what used to be separately
purchased after-market detailing accessories . In addition, numerous
requests over the years to add after-market parts to a list of ‘allowable
exceptions’ have acted to dilute the purpose of out-of-the-box categories
which were intended to promote building basic kits.

Starting with the 2022 national contest, the OOB categories (and the rules for
them) have been renamed to Basic Kit Build (BKB), to better describe the
intent for this competition classification – older or more basic kits, absent extra
manufactured detailing parts.

A complete explanation of the new BKB category can be read here:

Some discussion here:


Lee Griffin

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