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Msg from our DLC on the Adult Building Course
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Dear Fellow IPMS member,

The Adult Building Course (ABC) was designed by IPMS members, Tony Ivone and Lee Forbes in 2002 and 2003. It was designed to teach adult modelers the basic skills and techniques used to achieve success in modeling aircraft. The course was designed and written with one specific kit in mind, that being the Tamiya 1/48th Zero.

The course has been very successful in its main educational goal, but it was also found that the course was a “member magnet” for the local club and for IPMS. Most of the graduates joined the local club and many also joined IPMS. It was common to find the graduates also becoming leaders and officers in the club within a few years of “graduation”.

IPMS formally adopted the ABC program and continues to advocate its use by local clubs to stimulate membership and also to continue to grow the skill level of adults who wish to enter the hobby or renew their activities after time away from the hobby.

IPMS is not an “aircraft only” organization and it would be very beneficial to develop course curricula for other modeling areas other than aircraft. To that end, an invitation has been issued for those who may wish to help write curricula for the ABC in the areas of Armor, Automotives, Ships, Sci-Fi, Space, Figures, and Miscellaneous models.

Qualifications for writers:

1.      Interest in completing a basic course outline with detailed lesson plans for the regular instructional meetings called for in the course curricula. (Follow the current ABC curriculum for aircraft as an example.)

2.      Ongoing revision and editing of the new curriculum.

3.      Test implementation of curriculum in the home club or retail facility, followed by revision, evaluation, and reporting of results.

4.      An ability to write in a clear and succinct manner.

5.      Ability to work in a cooperative fashion with others.

6.      Current IPMS membership, kept current throughout the development and implementation process.

7.      Email capability with digital photography skills, or with access to someone with digital photography skills.

If interested please contact the Director of Local Chapters at your earliest convenience.

Happy Modeling,

Dick Montgomery

IPMS Director of Local Chapters