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Started by lgriffin, Tue 09/20/22 10:45 AM

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Ryan K


Do you have the link to the paper or can you post it here?


See below for information on a discussion paper being circulated within IPMS USA for discussion. Note that there is some scuttlebutt that the root of this stems from malcontent, but IPMS E-board is granting s fair and open hearing.

Lee Griffin


A discussion/action paper was submitted to the Executive Board on August 28, 2022 by Dana Mathes, #43781. This paper discusses the current IPMS/USA National Contest judging practices and the criteria on which they are based. It is not a proposal for any changes to the IPMS/USA National Contest Awards system (i.e.: from 1-2-3 to G-S-B or "Open" style awards), but rather focuses on some inconsistencies within the current judging criteria and evaluation, and the inconsistencies experienced with training our judges and application of our current criteria during judging.

Finding no precedent for how to handle something like this, we suggested Dana treat this in the manner as if it were submitted as a proposed amendment to the Constitution and By-Laws, and that he obtain signature endorsements of it by 25 current IPMS/USA members. We have confirmed receipt of those 25 endorsements.

The paper has been submitted to the National Contest Committee for their review and comment prior to scheduling a joint meeting with the Executive Board to discuss the actions proposed by Dana in his paper.

In the spirit of open transparency to the membership firmly held by the current Executive Board, we are making this document available for review and comment by the membership prior to taking any formal action with the National Contest Committee on the proposed response actions called out for in this paper. You can read Dana's paper here.

Should this be a subject of interest to you, and you wish to share your commentary or opinions (either for or against) the proposals in this document, please feel free to send them to by September 30, 2022, and we'll make them available to the Executive Board and the National Contest Committee during our discussions. Please limit your commentary and opinions to positive, constructive criticisms or support either way. Email messages containing expletive language or personal attacks will be deleted and not considered.

Thanks for your membership and support of IPMS/USA.

Rob Booth