Author Topic: Anyone wanting to build an AH64 Apache  (Read 166 times)

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Ryan K

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Re: Anyone wanting to build an AH64 Apache
« Reply #2 on: Thu 05/26/22 12:16 PM »
I have the Academy 1/72 AH-64A almost completed and 1/48 Hasegawa A with TwoBobs Steeler decals.

For the newest airframe E model 1/48

1/72 E option

Look forward to seeing what you are doing.

Anthony Leger

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Anyone wanting to build an AH64 Apache
« Reply #1 on: Thu 05/26/22 08:49 AM »
After our recent speaker I was motivated to look at my Apache stash. I suspect others were equally motivated from the insights gained. What a menacing looking aircraft and one that has had quite an impact. I still recall when I first moved to NC 20+ years ago seeing one fly overhead for the first time.

Anyone else planning to build an Apache?

I have the Monogram AH-64A, the Hasegawa AH-64A & D, though the D is slated for an Israeli conversion. The Hasegawa kit is quite nice. The venerable Monogram kit looks good though simpler and with some updating/detailing would look pretty nice. To be expected, there are some great references online for Monogram or Hasegawa enhancements. I'll use them as I start a Monogram build and do the Hasegawa one at a later date. While I'd love to have the newest AH-64E with the exhaust upward facing exhaust scoops, that will have to wait. A new kit purchase is not desirable and research shows to convert an A to an E would not be practical.  Stay tuned I'll post some progress pictures soon.