Author Topic: Big changes to IPMS "Out of Box:" Transitioning to "Basic Kit Build" in 2022  (Read 96 times)

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I agree with Ryan.  I can't imagine the roaring of terrible roars and gnashing of terrible teeth as this new definition of the category gets rolled out.

Ryan K

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Reading the whole thread, I agree that either OOB or BKB should be thrown out all together. All the angst for just 11% of entries and according to the data posted you can still place with a OOB build.


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Something we as a club will need to discuss before we sponsor another contest is the IPMS-USA evolution of the Out of Box (OOB) to Basic Kit Build (BKB). This is a significant change from the existing OOB, with lots of questions sure to arise.

The objective of the BKB is to get back to a "what's-in-the-box" approach. From the IPMS-USA rules:

Redefining/Renaming Out-of-the Box (OOB): Manufacturers now offer
comprehensive model kits which include what used to be separately
purchased after-market detailing accessories . In addition, numerous
requests over the years to add after-market parts to a list of ‘allowable
exceptions’ have acted to dilute the purpose of out-of-the-box categories
which were intended to promote building basic kits.

Starting with the 2022 national contest, the OOB categories (and the rules for
them) have been renamed to Basic Kit Build (BKB), to better describe the
intent for this competition classification – older or more basic kits, absent extra
manufactured detailing parts.

A complete explanation of the new BKB category can be read here:

Some discussion here:


Lee Griffin