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MiniCon Schedule
« Reply #1 on: Wed 05/12/21 03:04 PM »
So we're down to the final days before the swap meet and show.  Few housekeeping issues for everyone:
  • Ron sent an email last night.  Brian and Barry will be setting up tables tomorrow, so that might just lighten the load for Saturday
  • Saturday: we'll do a "walk through" and right now, we're trying to corral folks around 2pm.  Ron's going to stop by to see how things have been set up, but we're still asking folks to bring extra tables if you have one.  We'll take a look at how the rooms have been arranged and go from there.
  • Since I'm on the cleaning committee, I'll also take a look at how the bathroom(s) are and get that squared up as best I can before Sunday
  • Sunday: we're asking club members to arrive for 9am.  While there might not be any super-big issues to iron out (we hope!), we want to give ourselves enough time to deal with last-minute items, PLUS it'll give us all an opportunity to register first thing before the crowd rolls in.  The "sidewalk flea market" will doubt be getting underway by then, and we'd like to provide some ample time for club members to do some hunting/gathering.
  • Show time: this is when the rubber hits the road guys!  And it'll be all hands on deck too.  I've been barking this out for the last couple of months, and I'll repeat it here; we're expecting club members to assist with judging. Aside from the fact that we'll all be helping out, it's also a great way to learn how to sharpen your modelling skills through the judging process.

Closing thoughts:
  • While I don't want to speak for the contest committee, if a visitor has questions or concerns about the event, direct that to Ron, or others on the contest committee.
  • If there are questions about judging, please refer inquiries, etc to Ryan, our head judge.
  • If there are questions regarding the club, refer that to me, or any of the club officers.
  • If there are questions about Hangar 18, refer that to Brian directly

That's it for now.  Can't wait to see what you all have been up to, and I look forward to seeing everyone this weekend!