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The upcoming South Carolina Megashow in Columbia on June 19 has also been designated as the 2021 Region 12 Regional Contest.

This is a joint IPMS/AMPS contest sponsored by IPMS Mid-Carolina Swamp Foxes and AMPS Central South Carolina Wildcats.

Attached is a contest flyer (jpg format).


Saturday, June 19, 9am - 6pm
SC National Guard and Military Museum
1225 Bluff Road
Columbia, SC  29201 (Interstate 77, Exit #5)

In the context of the AMPS judging and scoring system of this event, please read the following note from Ralph Nardone regarding entering previous entries/winners:

"Howdy, all...

We have received several questions about entering past winners.

While we don't encourage it, since the format of this year's show is new to pretty much everyone, this year we will allow models that have previously won awards at any level to be submitted to the judges for scoring.

Remember, however, that the intent of this show's scoring system is to evaluate a model and reward the modeler for his or her demonstrated skills and craft. All that one might possibly gain by entering a previous winner is additional confirmation that the model in question is an example of good model building skills. Wouldn't it be more rewarding if the modeler entered new work that hasn't yet been seen by a show judge and received feedback (either implied--a trophy, plaque, or medal--or expressed in the form of a score sheet)?

Cheers, all!