Author Topic: Eagle Squadron 2020 theme build: "Extreme Visibility/International Rescue"  (Read 471 times)

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At our July meeting the group decided that the theme of our 2020 group build will be "Extreme Visibility/International Rescue."

- The theme is intentionally broad to encompass water, land, air, and even space vehicles/subjects. Think ambulances and emergency rescue vehicles, rescue helicopters and airplanes, rescue boats and ships, Coast Guard, Air/Sea/Rescue branches and services of any nation, interplanetary rescue spaceships, lighthouses...reds, yellows, International Orange, yellow-green, stripes, high-visibility Arctic schemes. Use your imagination and don't be afraid to do something hypothetical.

- Built models will be revealed at our January 2021 meeting. (Allowing extra time considering the late announcement.)

- To clarify, though this is called a "group build," each modeler will be building the subject or subjects of his/her choice. The goal is to get folks to build.

 So pick your subject and get working toward a January 2021 reveal!

Please post any questions, suggestions, or comments to this thread. Works-in-progress pics are welcomed and can be posted here or on the "Works in Progress" forum.


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