MiniCon Wrap Up

This past Sunday, IPMS Eagle Squadron presented MiniCon, and by all accounts (including feedback I got from a number of attendees) things went pretty well and most folks enjoyed the opportunity to gather for an event that was long overdue.

That said, one of the things I’ve learned in recent months is that there are a lot of moving parts when it comes to executing a show and swap meet.  Logistics, funding, venue, advertising….the list goes on.  As such, I want to express my thanks and gratitude to the following folks who helped make this event possible:

The ES Contest Committee

Ron, Steve, Ryan, Dave, Lee, Larry, William, and yes, even you Chuck (despite having moved away!) for your efforts to coordinate and execute quickly and managing the stress and pressure of getting this event organized.

The ES Club Members

My thanks to all the members that helped with the judging efforts.  I for one learned a LOT about judging and the judging process.  Everyone chipped in, and even though the turnout was smaller than we anticipated, the fact is that judging concluded in about 2hrs, covering approximately 20-24 active categories.  Specifically, I also want to thank Ryan and Dave for their guidance during club meetings where members were introduced and got some “basic training” on judging, but I also want to personally thank both Ryan and William for their efforts to help us newbies during the show.

Hangar 18

I also want to thank Brian of Hangar 18 for his support both for the event, as well as his assistance in securing not one, but two areas for us to run MiniCon.  That one piece alone allowed us to conduct the show; without a venue, there wouldn’t have been a MiniCon. Thank you Brian!

Sidewalk Swap Meet

As if this hobby wasn’t addictive enough, we had more than 8+ “vendors” who helped our styrene addiction with a multitude of kits, supplies, books and other reference material along the sidewalk swap meet, and some hung around well after the conclusion of the event.

Participants and Attendees

Let’s face it, a venue is one thing, but having people show up is something entirely different.  I’ve saved this paragraph for last because for me, it represents the linchpin for everything above.  Fact is, had it not been for all the folks who showed up, MiniCon would not be the success that it was.  While we weren’t sure how many folks would attend, this event was–first and foremost–about everyone who visited, modelers and spectators alike.  It’s been a very long time since most of us have had a chance to go to a show, and it was great to see old friends, and make a few new ones as well.  Some only had to come from across town, others travelled more than 2hrs, including Wilmington, NC, New Bern, NC, and Roanoke, VA.

With that, we put a close to MiniCon.  I’d dare say that this event was the first of it’s kind given the smaller space and limited categories, but it is with much gratitude and thanks to everyone who participated and supported us!

Rob Rode, President
IPMS Eagle Squadron

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