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Title: Revell AT-ACT
Post by: Ryan K on Mon 01/07/19 08:35 PM
Is this a new board?

I finished finished a model. 😱

Revell snap tite AT-ACT with shapeways detailing bundle from Conceptual Visions. The big add is the front chest intake missing from the kit.
I used the following:
Xf9 hull red
X-6 cargo
XF-19 Sky grey everything else
XF19 plus XF66 light grey panel highlights

The green is XF-67 NATO green mixed with XF-57 buff. For dumbass modeler of the year (me), I had issues with the orange chipping with little bit of water. So I set the model in cold/Luke water for 30 sec and it stripped all paint. Doh!

It's not great 1'-2' type but it is a finished model for this year and of the more traditional sense. Next up is two Bandai AT-ST in noncannon colors from Britmodeller folks. One is sorta easy and the other will take some time.

Title: Re: Revell AT-ACT
Post by: Charles T on Tue 01/08/19 03:22 PM
Looks good, Ryan! Even with the trouble. I like that they have AT variants now. It looks like you have a cool paint booth too.
Title: Re: Revell AT-ACT
Post by: Ryan K on Tue 01/08/19 04:24 PM
Thanks. The booth is DYI second hand find. The sides are plastic signs cutdown and ducktaped. The top has some clear plastic. I use clamp lights to light it up. As you see a basic air filter. Haven't changed it in years. To be fair haven't used the booth a bunch as I am a reformed rattle can user.
Title: Re: Revell AT-ACT
Post by: Bill L. on Thu 01/10/19 08:05 AM
WAIT .... I'm sorry..... Is that a typo ??? Did you say you 'FINISHED" a model?  NO WAY! Don't buy it!!!


Welcome to the DARK SIDE!

Looks good!

Bill L.