Author Topic: April 11 Meeting Update: Judging Seminar  (Read 453 times)

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April 11 Meeting Update: Judging Seminar
« Reply #1 on: Wed 03/31/21 10:40 PM »
I posted this on the Eagle Squadron FB group earlier this evening and wanted to get this over here as well.

Reminder for all members: during the next formal club meeting April 11, we will be conducting a session on judging. This is the first of 2 sessions to help us prep for the upcoming Mini Con and ALL new members are especially invited to participate!

Our very own Ryan K has kindly offered to go through the basics of judging.

My ask of you all:
  • Bring in a model or two as we conduct a "mock" judging session. We're looking for examples from a variety of categories. I'll be bringing in a jet, a prop, and a ship (why not, right?) I suck at cars, so if anyone's got a car, truck, motorcycle, then BRING IT IN! The best way to learn isn't to just talk about judging, but rather, reviewing actual models.
  • I'd strongly encourage the newbies among us (and that includes me!) to join this session. We're expecting MiniCon to be busy, and many hands make light work! The more folks we have helping, the better the event will run. And besides, this is a great opportunity for us new guys to learn about why judging is so important--even for a "smaller" event like MiniCon, PLUS it also serves as a great way to enhance your own skills.
Final note: I'm bringing in kits that have won, but I'm also bringing a couple that didn't. The only way to learn about what worked and what didn't is by having stuff judged. And learn about it.

As always, reach out if you have questions.