Author Topic: Making tyre treads the lazy way - The post-it method  (Read 110 times)

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Making tyre treads the lazy way - The post-it method
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Reading the post and replies on the impressive -once more!- White 920 build  by Neil Craig I recalled an old SBS I posted on FB a couple of years ago on the topic of making simple treads on road wheels.

Here we go with some basic in detail wheels

 post_it_00.png (918.44KiB)

We can see that basic tyre tread detail is raised while it should be engraved.

The challenge here is to have five grooves as tyre tread and a  must have is to have them paralell and evenly spaced too.

 post_it_01.png (771.77KiB)

There you go the required tools for this task. A sharp and thin p.e. saw seems obvious. But, trust me, the critical key tool is the post-it block.

 post_it_02.png (901.48KiB)

You may not notice it yet, but this is the basic principle. Combining the saw and the post-it block will give us a pararell cut to the workbench flat surface.

 post_it_03.png (910.18KiB)

Just stacking more or less post-it notes we can determine the exact height for any of those tyre tread channels.

It´s easy and rather precise!

 post_it_04.png (923.83KiB)

Notice you that placing the saw forward / backwards into the post-it block...

 post_it_05.png (931.54KiB)

...we can control how much depth our channel is going to be with some good precission.

 post_it_06.png (891.13KiB)

Once we have decided the saw potition and height for the first groove we are good to go.

post_it_07.png (933.04KiB)

(reaching the images per post limit...)
Posted: 12:38 PM - Dec 10, 2020
So simple!

 post_it_08.png (917.73KiB)

Once we are done with the first groove, just add as much post-it notes you may need to raise the saw to the next cutting position.

 post_it_09.png (953.89KiB)

Here we go again... place the p.e. saw...

 post_it_10.png (924.61KiB)

Ready for the second groove...

 post_it_11.png (935.98KiB)

Rinse and repeat!

 post_it_12.png (918.23KiB)

And this is the final product.

 post_it_13.png (790.35KiB)