Author Topic: DIY Workbench Organizer made from Foamcore  (Read 793 times)

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Re: DIY Workbench Organizer made from Foamcore
« Reply #2 on: Mon 03/09/20 09:10 AM »
That's excellent!

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DIY Workbench Organizer made from Foamcore
« Reply #1 on: Sun 03/08/20 04:03 AM »
I was working with foamcore and decided to build a little organizer for my workbench to save some space. None of the wooden options really fit my need and are kinda expensive for what they are, so I just made one. I had the presence of mind to take some photos and thought I would share in case anyone else wanted to make a similar one. The supply list is short, a $1 sheet of foamcore from Dollar Tree, a $1 pack of 24 plastic shot glasses (optional from Dollar Tree), and a hot glue gun. The box has an overall footprint of 4.5"x11", but can be modified to fit your needs. The foamcore is 3/16" thick, so take that into account. I included a quick sketch with all of my measurements and a pic of how I laid it out to create square lines. On the portions for glue bottles and hand tools just lay what you have down and trace the bottom of them. I use the little shot glasses to hold toothpicks and q-tips at the ready, but again can easily be customized.

I filled edges and gaps with hot glue as well, and then used the side of the tip to shape and smooth the edges flat. I also added some scraps here and there for additional support which is not on the plan, primarily under the glue portion. I hope someone might find inspiration from this.