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Matchbox Mercedes W123 300TD
« Reply #1 on: Sat 03/14/20 06:44 PM »
Before I started on the M110, I was working on accurizing a couple of Matchbox and Hot Wheels cars. They're a Mercedes W123 300TD and a '67 GTO. I'm making them look like the ones I had a long time ago. I'm downgrading the GTO to a LeMans 2-door post.

I set about to finish the Merc.

The Matchbox 300TD is really good as-is, but I've fixed a few things. I corrected the size of the sunroof, completely re-did the rear area of the interior, narrowed the wheels, added the roof rails and racks, and a few other things. I'm sweating out the clear coat right now. I'm going to TRRRYYYYYY to be patient and give it several days to chooch. Then I'll do all the detail painting: trim, lights, bumpers, underside, etc.

Toughing it out in quarantine.

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