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Re: "Blue Stuff" Casting Compound.
« Reply #2 on: Tue 10/15/19 11:25 AM »
Hey Shanee, thanks for posting this, I greatly appreciate it.  I can see how I'd be able to get a bunch of stuff copied more readily, compared to trying to find replacement and/or supplemental parts online.  But I have some questions:

With regard to the Blue Stuff, does it need to be stored in such a way so that the material doesn't dry out?  Will simply dumping it into water magically make it malleable for another casting again?

I remember you showed us how you cast some replacement body parts for a model you were working on.  Just how small of a part can you make before it doesn't work effectively?  In other words, if I were to try to cast more 1/700 aircraft for the carrier I'm working on, would Blue Stuff (plus milliput) work well enough?  The wings on a 1/700 plane can be very thin, so I'm wondering if this technique will work on parts that are that small.

Milliput: I've never worked with that material before, so my question is: how well does acrylic or enamel work with that material?  Have you encountered any issues with airbrushing? Does it require priming before a final coat of paint?

Thanks in advance!

Shanee C

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"Blue Stuff" Casting Compound.
« Reply #1 on: Fri 07/19/19 09:07 AM »
I brought in some "Blue Stuff" thermal casting stuff which I used to make casts of Pilots for my 1/48 aircraft and there was some interest in where I got it and how to use it so I thought I would include some links for people interesting in buying some and how it can be used to - say - replace parts that have been lost to the carpet monster:

I have used the "green stuff" that comes in the combo - which works pretty well but does not sand too well. Instead Ive found that Milliput does better. The White apparently gives the most detail (although I dont know how it compares to other Milliput compounds because I havent used any others).