Author Topic: New Peter Jackson WWI Documentary limited showings at local theaters  (Read 198 times)

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A poster on Hyperscale passed along information about a new Peter Jackson documentary about World War I. ( )

There are theaters in the Raleigh area with showing of the movie in December. Go to to see where and when. I've reserved two seats for a showing at Brier Creek cinema. Looking forward to it.

Comments from Hyperscale about this movie are interesting, a couple of which are below:

"Sir Peter Jackson's WWI film "They Shall Not Grow Old", with amazingly updated original footage, will be shown in US theaters on 12/17 & 12/27. Tickets are available through Fathom Events; enter your zip code to see where it is being shown in your area.

Fathom Events has also presented several classic movies hosted by TCM over the last few years. The trailer for this film shows the incredible updates made to this 100-year-old footage for modern audiences. We will be going on the 17th, and very much looking forward to it!"

"I watched  it last week. It starts by showing original, unmodified footage, then transitions to cleaned up footage, then adds the interpolated frames and finally the colour flushes in and, dear God, it looks like it was filmed only a few days ago! Each transition is clear, but not held too long, but the final result is a definite major Plus. Then you begin to realise that they also added increasingly realistic  levels of sound at the same time. Wow.
The voices on the narrative are not actors, they are actual veterans, recorded during the late 50's for the BBC series "The Great War" and most were unused then.  The voices on the soundtrack are actors, generally from the same locales as the troopers onscreen (ID'd by unit badges, notes etc) and then Professional forensic Lipreader interpreted their spoken words and the actors fleshed out the rest. It's totally convincing.  "Hey, Look, Boys....We're in the Pictures!" Definitely Must See and probably a contender in the Documentary categories."

"This is a phenomenal documentary movie and in so many ways the most compelling WW1 documentary I have ever seen. The remastered and perfectly colourised footage (equipment & uniform colours matched to actual examples in Sir Peter's collection!) matched with authentic sounds and the voices of the vets themselves, combined for an unforgettable experience.
 Rather than scratchy, grainy, jerky images, the men in this footage come alive in ways that makes you really want to know who they are and what happened to each of them.
 The movie addresses the horrors of war too and some of the images are truly confronting.
 The best WW1 documentary movie I have ever seen and we can only hope the Imperial War Museum and Sir Peter will combine to bring alive more the archive footage from the war.
 Imagine the WW1 aviation documentary he could make!"