Author Topic: ACTION REQUIRED: If attending the December meeting, please have IPMS member info  (Read 224 times)

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We are in the annual IPMS USA chapter renewal period. This means that the club officers have to get as much current information we can about members, particularly members' IPMS membership information, and pass this up to the Director of Local Chapters for re-chartering.

We must meet the following criteria for chapter renewal:

1. The chapter must have at least five (5) IPMS USA members in good standing. 
2. The club's Chapter Contact must be a current IPMS USA member in good standing. (I am the chapter contact and my membership expires in October 2019, so we're good.)

There is no longer a requirement that all officers be IPMS members with the exception of the Chapter Contact. Of course, it is highly encouraged that officers (and chapter members) be IPMS members.

* * * If you plan to be at the December meeting, please be prepared to provide current IPMS membership status (membership number, expiration date) as well as e-mail contact information for inclusion in the club fact sheet. In addition to updating our fact sheet, we must ensure that we have at least five IPMS members to renew our chapter charter. * * *

Thank you,

Lee Griffin
Chapter Contact