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Gen Norman Gaddis
« Reply #1 on: Mon 08/06/18 09:26 AM »
I had an opportunity to attend the Wake Forest Purple Heart dinner Saturday night with Wake Forest AJROTC. One of the 80 or guests was Gen Norman Gaddis. He was also a POW honoree at the dinner. His name had sounded familiar too me and I had to look it up. He had spoken to our club back in Nov 2000, he was 77 yrs old then. Reading through the presentation notes from Lee K, I was amazed at what the Gen was involved with JROTC in high school, WW2, Korea, Berlin Airlift and Vietnam and served 3 more years after being released. Flew aircraft from the PT-17 stearman to the F-4 phantom. 

I didn't have a chance to talk with him but I am trying to his contact info, see if his F-84 needs any work or if he would like to attend another meeting.